September 14, 2018
Scheming Is Fun!

We've been doing a bit of scheming here in the studio this week - well, actually this is the sort of thing we do quite a lot of the time but we don't often share it - shame really as some of the colour schemes are really beautiful.

If you need to be inspired, take a look at some we are working on at the moment and maybe translate them into something that would work for you.

From a grey and yellow palette you can introduce darker golds and charcoal. This scheme features Sanderson wallpaper from their Voyage of Discovery collection teamed with all kinds of textures from Clarke & Clarke, Colefax and Fowler and Jane Churchill.

The same wallpaper design but in a different colourway introduces a totally different vibe using soft corals, lavender and blue through to a deep teal, all working in harmony with a splash of the accent colour here and there.

Still focusing on softer vintage fabrics, this coastal look introducing all the hues of sea and sky, is perfect for bringing many a room to life. Team with some beautiful fringes or pom-pom trims to complete the look.

A sage accent colour teamed with dusky pinks and purples provide the basis for a soft scheme featuring one of our favourite fabric designers - Kate Forman - renowned for her French inspired faded textiles full of vintage romance. Teamed with Paint Library dusky shades to finish off the scheme.

I hope the above has inspired you to take a look at a room and see it through new eyes.  You see, scheming (of the colour variety) can be all sorts of fun so why not try some soon!  If you are short of ideas then pop into the studio at any time between 9am and 5pm Monday to Saturday for a further dose of inspiration.

Have a great weekend.

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