April 13, 2020
Meet The Team - Jane Dubinski

This week we continue our mini-blog series on the fantastic team at Lisa Dawson Interiors by introducing you to Jane Dubinski, Studio Manager.

Jane Dubinski, Studio Manager

Who are you and what do you do at Lisa Dawson Interiors?

Hi, I'm Jane Dubinski and I have worked at Lisa Dawson Interiors for over 10 years, in various roles. To begin with I helped out in the workroom, sewing under Debbie's watchful eye but for many years now I have worked in the studio helping clients with their interiors projects and liaising with suppliers on which books we have in our ever-growing collection of designers.

Where do you live and in what style of house?

I moved house a year ago from a rambling farmhouse to a much newer property in the local village of Cawston, once my two sons had left the nest. Now it's just me, my husband and our gorgeous 2-year-old labrador. The new house was built in 2003 and a total change from where we had previously lived, but much more practical. It was not entirely to our taste and has been a 'work in progress' ever since!

What is your style and what inspires you in terms of furnishings and decor?

I always thought I was a kind of 'country farmhouse' type of girl, with painted pine, dressers and and AGA in the kitchen (which I was lucky enough to own before). However our new house is nothing like that, so it came as a bit of a shock when we moved in. Once I'd thought about it though, I realised that it's colour and design that I like - from many periods in time so I think my taste is pretty eclectic. If anything, I will need to be 'reigned in' when choosing our new decor as I can get a bit out of control and then lose the 'flow' of the house.

I am obviously lucky to be working at Lisa Dawson Interiors as I have all the latest collection and styles to choose from, however, this can also be a disadvantage as there is way too much choice! Luckily I have been able to get Lisa to help me with the interior plan for room design and colours and we will be slowly working our way through the house to ensure continuity which is so important to make the house work.

We have started with the bathrooms, so my picture choice is much more a 'before and after' rather than looking at my favourite rooms - most of them currently look like a building site!

The family bathroom was quite dated when we moved in

The family bathroom was in need of a makeover with dated tiles. Lisa and I chose a simple, clean design in a soft warm grey and put in 'neatmatch' panelling painted in Little Greene's Cool Arbour. We removed the bath to make way for a large walk in shower and added a pop of colour with beautiful recycled glass mosaic tiles in hues of turquoise and blue. For the flooring we chose Karndean loose lay as this is what we are going to have in the hallway and kitchen and the other bathrooms, thus giving the space some kind of continuity.

Wooden painted panelling and mosaic tiles have given it a new lease of life

The Master bathroom was next to be treated to a makeover. We decided to keep the existing shower as it was lovely, but got a new frameless enclosure. We continued with the panelling theme, this time using Little Greene's Dolphin - a very warm soft grey with an almost purple tinge. We replaced the sanitaryware but kept it the same as the other bathrooms and also mimicked the mosaics for one wall, which are purple and pink, but also iridescent when the light falls on them.

We kept the existing bath as it adds a bit of luxury

The shower unit was also retained but with a new cubicle

The purple iridescent mosaics sit well with the grey panelling and add a pop of colour

The addition of the same Karndean floor and a new wide towel rail as the ceiling slopes

Lastly in this phase, but not least, we tackled the downstairs loo. We have moved several walls to change the layout of the downstairs so were able to make the previously small and oddly triangular shaped downstairs loo into something a little larger with less chance of banging your head against the stairs! I knew that I wanted to 'go all out' in here and use some bright and cheerful wallpaper - however I kept the colour palette in keeping with the bathroom upstairs in blues and greens, which also happen to be my favourite colours, as well as the same panelling.

This tiny space was not the most practical, so we moved the door and made it bigger.
Again, the use of panelling but with a 'punchy' wallpaper design and Little Green Mid Azure Green on the ceiling

Little Greene Cool Arbour and Sanderson's Pamir Garden wallpaper complete the look

A mid-century Danish mirror found on Etsy is one of my treasured possesions and fits well within the space

What do you do in your spare time?

When not devouring Pinterest for ideas on decor for the rest of the house I love to journal and paint with watercolours. I've kept a journal for a few years now and also love to follow classes on the Internet to inspire me with my painting. It's a happy place to visit whenever things get too stressful.

I am sure that we will be hearing more from Jane's 'work in progress' over the coming months but if you have any questions you would like to ask about her project or one that you are planning, then please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you. We can offer interiors advice and free sampling on one window or a whole house!

We look forward to meeting another member of the team soon, but until then, stay safe and well, wherever you are.

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