August 3, 2019
Sanderson Glasshouse - Coming to the Studio this Spring

Coming to the studio this Spring is Glasshouse, Sanderson's new range of fabrics and wallpaper which takes its inspiration from botanical influences, blending the science of flowers and foliage with the elegance of art.

A range of prints and luscious embroideries show beautiful botanical details and the colour palette is bang on trend for Spring 2019 including soft greens and pinks alongside tropical citrus and turquoise hues with the odd pop of brighter colours from greens and blues to warmer terracotta tones.

For a bolder look team ink with pink and green on upholstery to add a pop of colour - the Jackfruit design has it all - and looks stunning alongside dark blue paint and bold geometric curtains.

Or this treasure - an exciting discovery from the Sanderson archive (drawn by F.M.Barnett c.1961), this intricate design was immediately adopted and translated into this stunning embroidery with its bright array of tropical colours - teamed here with a beautiful bold golden sofa fabric.

If you like your wallpaper to make a statement then look no further than the range of eleven Glasshouse wallpapers - all accurately interpreting the exquisite detail of botanical drawing, each respectfully designed to showcase the undeniable beauty of the original plant or flower.

No collection would be complete without a range of weaves to complement Glasshouse's beautiful botanical designs. Linnean Weaves is a range of smart geometric designs in six colours which sit beautifully among the bolder prints and embroideries whilst adding interest for upholstered chairs and accessories.

There is something for everyone in Sanderson's latest offering and we absolutely love it! We cannot wait to share it with you all in the studio so watch this space and we will let you know the moment it arrives! Now, where was I - oh yes, redecorating (again!)

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