December 13, 2019
Celebrating Traditional Centuries-Old Skills with G P & J Baker

Artisan II is a celebration of the centuries-old art form of hand block printing and the ancient techniques of decorative embroideries and traditional stitchwork. The colour palette of these designs, painstakingly printed or embroidered on a mix of natural grounds, is elegantly understated ranging from deep indigo, charcoal and spice to soft aqua and cool neutrals. This is an elegant, classic collection bringing a fresh modern look to these time-honoured skills.

Beautifully embroidered Ellonby Spice, £129/m

Ellonby, featured above, has a hand woven rustic stripe and delicate flowers and foliage created over the top in beautiful white embroidery which really stands out. Veryan and Thornham are two small scale co-ordinating block prints in a range of colours while Treen is another three dimensional embroidery on pure linen in three calming colours.

Top to Bottom: Thornham £79/m, Ellonby, Treen £119/m and Veryan £79/m

A fresh modern look to time-honoured skills

Calming grey palette

Lamorna, featured top (above), is a narrow raised cord with a subtle shimmer and adds texture and depth to the fabric, £98/m, whilst Milbrook, featured bottom (above) is a refined stripe, hand block printed on natural linen and with the addition of embroidery creates a very attractive lacy pattern, £98/m.

This and other fabrics form part of the new G P & J Baker Artisan II collection and can be seen in the studio now. Free sampling is available so visit us Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm and take a look at this stunning collection which brings a fresh modern look to these time-honoured skills.

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