October 5, 2019
Lisa Dawson teams up with Charlotte Gaisford

We are beyond excited at the studio this week! Following one of Lisa's many visits to Chelsea Harbour, this time with one of our lovely clients, she met up with fabric and wallpaper designer Charlotte Gaisford and totally fell in love with her work.

Charlotte, by her own admission, came late to textile design, having graduated with a textile degree only four years ago. However since then she has hit the ground running and now has over 50 UK stockists and sells her fabric and wallpaper worldwide.

And you can see why! Her textiles, including the above from her latest collection are beautifully designed and have a wonderful soft colour and co-ordinated feel about them.

They would be suitable for all sorts of furnishing projects, from curtains and blinds to cushions and headboards and she also has a wallpaper range to complement the fabrics. Colour is key to Charlotte and this is where she begins when starting a new collection. You can read more about her design process on her blog where she lets us in to a few secrets about how she brings a collection together along with another article she has recently written about how she got started in the business. Both are insightful and well worth a read - so settle down with a cup of coffee - or glass of wine - and be transported into the world of design and colour. You can also check out her Instagram account here.

And best of all, we are looking forward to receiving her fabric book in the studio so that we can share her beautiful fabrics with our clients. Feel free to pop in and take a look - I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

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